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About Us

Jaitley family

Brandon and I (Drea) are both native Arizonans that grew up in Phoenix and surrounding areas. We moved to Prescott from Phoenix in May 2021 after falling in love with the small town, amazing weather and beautiful scenery! We had traveled to Prescott often over the years spending anniversaries and visiting friends when we finally had the opportunity to make it our home!

We have been blessed with 3 kiddos and raising them in Prescott has been amazing! We live about 10 minutes from down town and we love to kayak, hike, fish and grill on our time off. Taking advantage of all that this wonderful town has to offer and to share it with you through our convenient location at Ivy courtyard. We own a logistics trucking company which Brandon runs while I take care of our 3 kids.

Brandon and I are foodies and absolutely believe Prescott has the best restaurants!

We are proud Arizonans and love to host our beautiful location in our dream town, Prescott!